Memory & Nerve Health

Organic superfood supplement proven to support the rejuvenation of nerves, sharpen mental clarity, strengthen memory and promote more circulation to the brain. I Am Connection is a all-natural supplement providing nutrients to support long-term brain health and combat cellular aging.

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Fall in Love With Your Best Self

The mission of I Am Connection is simple. Put an end to the socially accepted notion that brain degeneration is a normal part of aging. 2 out of 3 Americans will lose their memories, be unable to feed themselves and need assisted living later in life. Terms like “Senior Moment,” Alzheimers, and Brain Fog are the initial symptoms of degenerative brain disease. The diseases starts 30 years before symptoms arise. We believe your memories and the ability to experience life on your terms at any age is a mission worth fighting for.


Around the age of 30 amyloid plaque begins to build and neurological connections begin to breakdown within the brain. The brain is already beginning to shrink. Thwart off the underlying cause of disease with I Am Connection to encourage short and long-term brain health

Nerve Regeneration

Stimulate the brain’s natural production of Nerve growth factor (NGF). NGF is important for the survival, maintenance and regeneration of neurons responsible for promoting the growth, connection and organization of brain cells.

Christine Althaea Abbey, MH

Master Herbalist / Organic Farmer 

“As a Master Herbalist, on a daily basis I get to witness the numerous benefits herbal formulations offer people and animals. Adding herbs into my clients daily practices is a key component to creating emotional shifts, changing their habits and raising their vibrational energies. The power of herbs is greatly effected by their sourcing, purity and potency. I recommend Wisdom to my clients because I know my clients will get the adaptogens they need to feel better and live healthier”

Grown As Nature Intended

Our mushrooms are cultivated on natural organic materials in mountains, with natural light, fresh air and seasonal temperatures.

Mushrooms cultivated on natural materials in natural light have the full complement of vitamins, minerals, and naturally produced active compounds. These are mushrooms grown as nature intended.

Most mushroom supplements (Mycelium) are usually produced in a sterile laboratory and grown on sterile rice or grain. These grains are placed inside a plastic bags at over 100 degrees C for several hours. Mycelium produced in this fashion is ordinary, featureless grain made up of starch and lacks the nutrient profile found in nature.

Many companies claim that their mushrooms come from local forests. This is impossible since many of the most beneficial mushrooms don’t grow in the US.

These companies don’t sell mushrooms. They sell sterile, lab grown myceliated grain. Mycelium is not a mushroom and does not produce the complex compounds found in mushrooms.

Beneficial mushrooms contain active beta-D-glucans. These are the most important compounds in mushrooms. The majority of the scientific research is based on beta-glucans. Mushrooms also contain no starch. Starch is an alpha-glucan found in grains. Don’t be fooled by polysaccharide analyses. These will also include starch.

High quality mushroom products will have high levels of beta-glucans and low levels of starch.

Commonly Asked Questions

Adults seeking a stimulant free brain booster that provides essential nutrients for maximizing cognitive performance formulated to support long-term brain health.

Numerous human studies have been done and more studies are being done now. More and more clinical research is beginning to confirm that at any stage of Alzheimer’s the ingredients found in I Am Connection help blunt and reverse (to varying degrees) the symptoms of degenerative brain diseases.

Mental clarity, cognitive improvements in things like speech, focus and enhanced mental acuity start revealing themselves within 21 days. I Am Connection stimulates the entire brain, specifically the Prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. As more and more nerves get nourishment the entire body experiences benefits.

Taking I Am Connection consistently everyday is important. WIth or without food is fine. With coffee is fine. Upon rising is ok. Before bed is ok too.

Don’t be surprised if others notice before you do! Often times loved ones, friends and co-workers notice a difference in our mental acuity before we do. Initial benefits start in 1-5 days, within 21 days you will experience the cognitive benefits and after 8 weeks you should be experiencing amazing results in the areas of memory, mood and mental clarity.

Yes, taking 2 capsules consistently everyday is encouraged.

Yes. Brain Fog is often times a symptom of chronic inflammation. I Am Connection nourishes your brain with with Lion’s Mane which more and more clinicians are witnessing helps combat inflammation. Decreasing inflammation in the brain while increasing blood flow is the perfect 1-2 punch for knocking out Brain Fog.

It takes time for clinical studies to be accepted. There is a lot of politics and loopholes to jump through to bring new remedies to the market. Based on the research and exponential growth in patient testimonials the medical community is quickly beginning to realize things like Alzheimers, Depression, Type 3 Diabetes, Brain Fog and “Senior Moments” can be combated with natural alternatives. Natural alternatives like the ingredients in I Am Connection.

Connection Supplement Facts

Our team has formulated an all natural powerful supplement using the highest grade ingredients.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults take three (3) capsules once per day. Can be taken with food, on an empty stomach, or as directed by a healthcare advisor.

The Path to Vitality and Abundance starts from within.

Our Earth-grown products are inspired by holistic remedies in their most natural form to revitalize the body, soothe the mind and reconnect us to our true selves.  

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